Journal of the Geological Society
July 2024
Neil S. Davies | William J. McMahon | Christopher M. Berry
Research funded by
Natural Environment Research Council (NE/T000696X/1)

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debug {'doi': '10.1144/jgs2023-204', 'member_id': '1881', 'member': 'Geological Society of London', 'container-title': 'Journal of the Geological Society', 'primary-resource': '', 'tld': '', 'clearbit-logo': '', 'coaccess': [], 'multiple-resolution': [{'url': '', 'tld': '', 'clearbit-logo': ''}], 'type': 'JOURNAL ARTICLE', 'published_date': 'July 2024', 'publication': 'Journal of the Geological Society', 'supplementary_ids': '10.1144/jgs2023-204', 'title': "Earth's earliest forest: fossilized trees and vegetation-induced sedimentary structures from the Middle Devonian (Eifelian) Hangman Sandstone Formation, Somerset and Devon, SW England", 'name': None, 'id': None, 'location': None, 'display_doi': '', 'grant_info': 'Natural Environment Research Council (NE/T000696X/1)', 'editors': None, 'authors': 'Neil S. Davies | William J. McMahon | Christopher M. Berry', 'chairs': None}
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